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WB Productions, Inc. employs 22 staff members, who have been providing services for the military, non-profit organizations, municipalities, and other clients for over 23 years. Our staff is well versed in the details of our events and our client’s needs, and have been integral in our client’s growth over the years.

WB Management

Karen Bowen, President of WB Productions Inc., has been managing special events for 25 years. She has been involved with over 1,500 events in her career, from full event production, to providing registration, accounting, reconciliation, and timing services for clients. She manages all day-to-day operations and oversees all event details and is also the on-site event manager for all WB events.

Tami Goertzen, Vice President of Finance, has been with WB Productions for 12 years, overseeing the Alzheimer’s Association accounts, as well as assisting with other major client projects.  Prior to her time at WB, Tami held a position Callaway Golf Inc. as a Senior Accounts Payable Associate.

Cheryl Cooley, Office Manager, has been employed by WB Productions for 6 years, and handles the daily administrative duties for the office. She also has attended all of WB Productions’ events for the last 6 years, overseeing volunteer training in the registration and finish line areas. She acts as the customer service representative for many of our client’s events throughout the year. Previously, Cheryl was employed at General Dynamics for 10 years, as a Manufacturing and Engineering Analyst.

Natallie Flinn, Database Manager, has been employed by WB Productions for 6 years, and is in charge of the timing operations. She has attended the majority of WB events for the past 6 years, accurately timing tens of thousands of competitors. In addition, she has helped managed the data for the Alzheimer’s Association account. Previously, Natallie was employed by Koz Events, a special events management company, acting as their race coordinator for triathlons and running events.

Anthony Carson, Director of Operations, has been employed by WB Productions for 2 years, and handles the logistics for all WB events. He also oversees employee training and procedural implementation. Previously, Anthony was Camp Pendleton’s Hard Corps Race Series Event Director for 5 years, overseeing 10 events each year on board MCB Camp Pendleton, including the World Famous Mud Runs, with over 6,000 participants per event day.

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Consulting and Coordination

With our wealth of experience, WB Productions is the perfect partner for your special event needs. The partial list below outlines the scope of our services we can provide:

Computerized Timing

WB Productions has been providing computerized timing to major events since 1993. This includes running races, triathlons, bike races, duathlons and others. WB Productions currently utilizes the Chronotrack System.

The ChronoTrack System is a comprehensive scalable system consisting of timing tags, hardware and software that supports 25 of the 30 largest races in North America. ChronoTrack redefined the timing industry with the disposable tag in 2008 and the bib tag in 2010. With the launch of ChronoTrack Live in 2012, ChronoTrack continues to lead with industry -trusted innovation delivering the ChronoTrack race experience.

ChronoTrack’s industry leading timing tags are single use tags designed to perform. The tags are weather resistant and lightweight. They include the B-tag which is on the back of a bib, the D-Tag , which is the industry’s first disposable tag placed on a runner’s shoe, and the Tri-Tag is the same high performance tag embedded in a durable frame.

Data Management/Registration Management Systems

With over 1,500 events that WB Productions has been a part of, we have developed unique data and registration management systems in the special events field. We have worked with and integrated with online service providers for the last 14 years, ensuring accurate data and list management. With such vast hands-on experience, WB offers unparalleled expertise in data and registration management for special events.

Donor Processing and Reconciliation

WB has processed and managed over 250,000 offline donations for charity organizations since 2001, as well as making over weekly deposits with corresponding reconciliation for over 12 years for our clients. Internal controls are in place to ensure that deposits are correct each time, and we take pride in accounting for each and every penny raised for our charity partners.

CRM Platform Experience

Active Network  – since their inception in 1998  – 14 years of daily use

Blackbaud -  8 years of daily use

Convio – 9 years of daily use

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What They Are Saying


WB is the best comprehensive timing & registration company in Southern California!  Karen Bowen and her staff have been true partners with the Navy’s Bridge Run for over 15 years. They make my job easier and their customer service in unmatched!

WB Productions serves our 10,000 race participants in a unique way.  They offer custom services above and beyond other companies by providing a 24 race hotline dedicated to the event updated weekly to provide customers up to date information, dedicated race email address in which employees answer questions daily for participant support, state of the art chip timing equipment that allows immediate race results, race bib number mailing for all pre-registered runners and walkers mailed by hand two weeks prior to the event, pre-race registration services at two military bases and the day prior to the event, representation at race committee meetings starting six months prior to the event.  Other timing and registration companies do not offer the same customer service options above, most companies either offer registration or timing services, not comprehensive services for both.

No other company has the qualifications required to time this event as it starts and finishes in two different locations from San Diego to Coronado.  WB has the corporate knowledge, safety and security background strictly enforced by the following permitees: (City of San Diego, City of Coronado, Cal Trans, USA Track & Field Association, and the Port of San Diego).

Working alongside WB Productions for the past 15 years has been the best experience and allows MWR to work on the logistics of the event to provide an outstanding event to both military and San Diego community.

Kim Hansen
Regional Sponsorship/Bridge Run Coordinator
Navy Region Southwest

We have been using WB Productions to do all of our offline walker data entry since 2004. Timely accurate entry of the data into the Kintera database finally made it possible for us to work directly from Kintera reports for up-to-date info on walker fundraising and team competitions. WB Productions also helped us to streamline our registration and check-in process at Memory Walk because data are all up-to-date by the day before our event. The day of our event things go more smoothly, participant satisfaction is greatly increased, and all acknowledgements are completed within weeks of the event’s conclusion. During the weeks and months leading up to the event, Memory Walk staff can concentrate on team and walker recruitment, and have more time for high-touch interactions with our participants. And, all of this happens for no more than it would cost us to hire seasonal temporary staff — with no training time or supervision to distract us from making Memory Walk a financial and logistical success.

Rowie Wolf
Executive Director (former)
Southland Chapter
Alzheimer’s Association

Our Chapter has been using WB Productions as our Memory Walk data entry solution and lockbox since 2006. While we had concerns about losing touch with walkers and Team Captains if the Chapter didn’t handle the donations directly, we have found the information flow and timeliness of information from our vendor have alleviated these concerns. Before using a vendor for data entry Memory Walk  staff had to spend considerable time processing and entering data, or training volunteers or temporary help to enter the data into Kintera. We found problems with data quality and consistency with that model. Since starting to use WB as our one-stop-shop for handling, depositing, entering and acknowledging all Memory Walk donations we have found data quality has greatly improved, and Memory Walk staff now have more time to spend on Team Recruitment, participant cultivation and fundraising outreach.

Dagmar Schildwach, Controller
Ericka Smith, Director of Special Events
Northern California and Northern Nevada Chapter
Alzheimer’s Association

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